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Chantler Packaging Inc. is a premier name in engineered solutions and flexible packaging for international and national food products. Being set up in 1930 by two brothers – Chantler and Chantler, the company has stepped into its 85th year of business in 2015.

In 1930, the company’s journey started with a sale of a few pieces of the first injection moulding machinery that were imported to North America. In the 1960s, the business was extended to floral packaging as well as flexible heat sealer packaging for the agricultural and industrial sectors.

At present, its office is in Toronto’s Mississauga. From there, its pioneering solutions are used today to package and ship food for distributors, grocery retail chain and buyers throughout the USA, Canada, Spain and Mexico.

Chantler Packaging’s Journey So Far

The company emphasises on innovation, engineered solutions and strategy to address issues related to food waste and carbon footprints. Over the years, it has created PrimePro – a bespoke atmospheric packaging. By absorbing ethylene gas, it extends the shelf-life of products and locks in their quality.

EnduroPouch is another notable product of Chantler Packaging. It was created as a package with sturdy handles and used nominal materials for its manufacture.

Grant Ferguson, the company’s VP of Sales and Marketing, said that Chantler Packaging has always focused on lowering carbon footprints and reducing food waste. He added further that mere low packaging costs can’t simply be the only concern for stakeholders.

Rather, it should be about saving the environment and decreasing food waste, which will cut overall costs too in the long run.

This is significant as a recently released CBC News report shows food waste cost to have increased by 15% since 2010. Contributors to this rise include retailers (10%) and food manufacturers (up to 20%), apart from transportation and processing facilities.

Chantler Packaging takes serious note of all these factors when creating packaging solutions. No wonder the industry has high hopes as the company celebrates its 85th year anniversary.

To know more about such leaders in flexible packaging and their efforts to contribute to the environment while keeping a balance between versatility, innovation and cost-effectiveness, keep your eyes glued to the corporate site.