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As of October 1st, edibles sold in Colorado are looking a little different. The new packaging rules aim to make edibles less appealing to children.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.wikileaf.com

Interesting read on the change in law. I think as it needs to be done as you cant help but think these products are made to appeal to children? The strength of some of these edibles is off the chart. It makes me of think of all the issues we had with breakfast cereals a few years ago. You know the ones that contained more sugar than 10 cans of coke. 


Plain packaging I think is the best way to go forward. Boring I know but my kid always wants the lucky charms when we are in the store. I know this brightly colored box is the most unhealthy. This is a bit different I know but I think there is a balance to get right.