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The cannabis industry is looking to address the social and environmental issues spring up around its acceptance in society. 

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The Cannabis Industry answers it’s critics by demonstrating just how many opportunities for mainstream businesses are created in the United States & Canada.


Many see the cannabis industry as the ‘Wild West’ of retail but the fact is that cannabis and it’s companion products are supporting many a regular business in both Canada and the U.S.


Actually there is nothing short of a long queue from businesses looking to enter the cannabis space. Altria & Constellation Brands are two big names that are looking to expand into the vaping and edibles market with billions of dollars at their disposal. 


Much of what we see in the press focuses about the ‘cannabis’ aspect of the cannabis industry. However their are many responsible professionals who are confronting the wide array of social issues that come with cannabis’s entry into the mainstream. 


Cannabis Vaping and e-cigarette usage seems to be forever increasing but despite their popularity vapers and smokers alike are getting bad feedback from people who do not. 


This can be anything from being sent outside to vape or getting a not so nice look when they smoke on the street!


It is the belief of Philter™ Labs that vaping does not have to effect the environment or people in it. Their products give clients the choice to either vape in a traditional manner or to filter their emissions depending on the environment. 


Philter Labs recently debuted the worlds first dual function filter developed by experts from the protective packaging industry.


Many are seeing Philters new technology as a solution that lets responsible adults participate in what is increasingly acceptable behavior. 


As a fast growing delivery method for both cannabis and nicotine the vape market creates huge amounts of waste!


Everything from the packaging pouches through to the vaporizer batteries and their pods. 


Cannabis activist Katie Stone says responsible recycling is necessary in the cannabis industry and also the right thing to do. 


The action taken in other industries can provide a blueprint for what to do in the cannabis industry. Take Terra Cycle as an example. Their motto is recycling the un recyclable, unfortunately it is illegal to reuse the cannabis containing sections of vape pens and e-cigarettes, however the plastic and electronic can be recycled. .