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Burger King is revamping its Food Packaging and in store experiences to maintain consistency across their global outlets. They are now on 14,000 in 100 countries. 

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New Burger King Packaging looks to make the brand globally consistent. 
It seems that the majority of fast food chains are looking to revamp their packaging at the moment. 
KFC & McDonald’s have both done refreshes on their food packaging lines recently. 
Burger King have now followed suit. 
Earlier this year the burger chain started a collaboration with London packaging design firm Turner Duckworth. 
A spokesperson has commented that Burger King is looking to position its packaging with more consistency across its global outlets. 
The new packaging with only be one part of their new global brand strategy.

What Does Burger Kings New Packaging Look Like?

The Burger King logo will remain the same on the new packaging designs. 


They are going to re purpose current packaging lines like cups, wrappers container and heat seal bags for use in conjunction with the new designs. 


In addition to these packaging design changes Burger King also wants to refresh it’s in store experience. These changes have a wide scope and even extend to their floor covering for parties and events. 


A BK spokesperson has also commented that for decades Burger King was actually recognized as a premium & iconic brand through its innovative packaging. Now with 14,000 outlets globally in more than 100 countries the chain is looking to maintain consistency with its brand identity. 


The packaging and in store changes will be made to refine the chains global brand positioning. This means every guest experience will be within a single & cohesive brand. 


The new packaging looks to celebrate the delicious food while providing an original and fun dining experience. 


There is no timescale as of yet for the rollout, Burger King have just said that customers will continue to see the brand refined over time in new & exciting ways. 


The parent company of Burger King, Restaurant Brands International Inc has reported that the Burger King Chicken Fries have resulted in an overall boost for the company. Sales have shot up 7.9% in Canada and the United States. Attributed in part to the popularity of this new product. 


This is in stark contrast to their competitor McDonald’s who saw a dip in sales of 2% as their own promotions failed to result in sales increases.