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Bubble Wrap Sealed Air Corp has been selling Bubble Wrap since 1960. Recently, it has announced to let the air out of its packaging.

The company said that though it was loved both by adults as well as kids, its sales have declined drastically in the recent years.

So, the company plans to introduce iBubble Wrap, a new product. This will be different from the old one because the bubbles won’t pop anymore.

The new design that has come to the market has sheets and allows more items to be stored as well as shipped at an instance.

However, different companies that will be using this completely new packaging will have to inflate the sheets by using a custom pump manufactured by Sealed Air.

Sealed Air believes that iBubble Wrap will become more popular with online heat sealer retailers, especially those who are steadily growing their market share in the e-commerce domain.

The traditional bubble packaging occupied more space in the delivery trucks and also in the customers’ warehouse. However, the newly launched product will reduce that space by at least one-fiftieth.

Future of the Revamped Bubble Wrap

Today, a large number of products are shipped across the world. Online retailers like and Target Corporation are trying to find out the most effective ways of delivering the products to their customers.

They are busy ensuring the products get delivered faster with minimum cost.

As a result, numerous manufacturers are coming with different packaging solutions.

However, for e-commerce business, bubble package and air pillows still remain the most favored option.

Sealed Air strongly hopes that their new product will, to a large extent, be able to revive their business.

Statistics show the company cannot ship bubble packaging to customers who are more than 150 miles away.

However, Mr. Richardson – Freedonia Group’s analyst, predicted that in the coming years, the sales of the revamped Bubble Wrap will grow faster than the overall packaging market.

With Sealed Air hoping to reduce the cost of the pump required to inflate the sheets of iBubble Wrap, the future looks bright for this revamped packaging.

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