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A new breakthrough packaging, unveiled recently, is set to double the shelf life of milk to over two weeks.

Researchers have found a new packaging process that will preserve the milk in a drinkable state till 15 days, unlike the present duration of seven days. This is made possible by adding minuscule pieces of silver to the packaging.

Researchers in Brazil have invented this innovative moisture barrier packaging with a plan to launch soon into the US and European markets.

According to researchers from Agrindus, a cultivation firm in Brazil’s Sao Paulo, the breakthrough packaging would extend the shelf life of grade A pasteurized whole milk from its present seven days to fifteen days.

This feat was achieved by assimilating silver-based microscopic particles with antimicrobial, bactericidal and self sterilizing qualities into the rigid plastic bottles. These bottles were then used for packaging of milk.

The Way this Breakthrough Packaging Was Developed

Luiz Pagotto Simoes, a researcher who worked on the development, shared a few things about the process involved.

He said the researchers were aware of the fact that use of bactericidal and antimicrobial elements in flexible or rigid plastic food packaging boosts conservation and enhances the shelf life.

So, they choose to test it with polyethylene, which is used in Brazil to bottle fresh milk.

The microscopic particles were incorporated as powder in the polyethylene, which was used to manufacture plastic bottles. There was absolutely no probability of health hazards as these tiny particles weren’t coming away from the packaging and getting mixed with the milk.

On testing this breakthrough liquid packaging the researchers found that the product’s shelf life was doubled just by adding the tiny particles to the packaging, without the need of mixing milk with any additives.

Researchers have tested the effectiveness of this barrier packaging material towards extending the shelf life of whole milk throughout a year. The material was also examined by two different dairies that use plastic bottles to distribute fresh milk across Brazil.

Once the material was certified to be truly effective for extending shelf life, it was decided to launch it into the market.

The US Food & Drug Administration has accorded its approval to market this material for being used in food packaging.

According to Simoes, this breakthrough packaging that extends whole milk’s shelf life will also bring benefits with respect to storage, transport, quality and food safety.

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