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Bosch Packaging Technology is a premier supplier of robotic technology for secondary and primary packaging solutions.

Recently, it has redesigned its Delta robotic packaging portfolio completely to give food producers and packaging manufacturers enhanced performance and versatility.

Bosch’s improved D3 robotic platform ensures quicker speeds to boost pick rates by handling higher payloads of up to three kilograms.

It is user-friendly, and designed for easy maintenance as well as quick changeovers. Thus, it helps manufacturers achieve a lower TCO (total cost of ownership) while enjoying a shorter ROI period.

Customers can use this new platform, which offers added flexibility to packaging processes, to leverage robotic automation and enjoy a competitive advantage.

Other Benefits of This D3 Robotic Packaging Platform

With the increasing demand for assorted products, manufacturers these days are looking for robotic packaging equipment that can meet such requirements.

The D3 platform fits the bill perfectly. It has several features that improve packaging efficiency.

It is also capable of meeting packaging needs for various products like cereal bars, biscuits, baked goods, confectionery treats, chocolates and vertically packaged products.

With reduced installation and set-up times, extended application range, simplified platform design and faster changeovers, this robotic packaging system brings good news for manufacturers.

Control cabinets of the D3 platform are positioned atop the machines.

This enables easy operator access from both the back and front, which decreases maintenance and cleaning times.

This platform has an open frame design, uses fewer parts, and offers better visibility of moving elements. All these help manufacturers to comply easily with increasingly strict food safety regulations.

D3 robotic solutions are a part of Bosch’s Module++ single-source provider concept for modular and simple line automation.

Thus, they can be easily integrated with both Bosch and secondary packaging or third-party primary machines.

Multinational companies as well as medium- and small- sized packaging businesses can enjoy increased flexibility with the D3 robotic packaging platform.

Bosch’s new portfolio offers scalable and flexible robotic solutions that let customers modify their processes quickly.

This way, they can meet present production needs and even achieve their future manufacturing goals.

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