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MCMA looks for changes to BIS order from the steel ministry. Indian Metal Packaging industry braces for impact. 

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Setback for Indian Metal Packaging Industry with BIS Order


The Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) sent our a new directive on quality control for tin plates last month. 


This will be a big cause for concern for India Metal Manufacturers who are likely to be adversely effected. 


The directive applied to something called ‘cold reduced electrolytic tinplate’. Sounds complicated but it is a relatively common element used in packaging for liquids including milk powder, baby food, coffee and mango pulp. 


It is likely to effect the industry adversely as a large number of workers would need to become certified with costs and fees involved. This is seen as an unfair tax and through the Metal Container Manufacturers Association (MCMA) they are looking to get this directive changed.


How Bad Could It Be For The Metal Packaging Industry?


As a whole the industry caters to about 550,000 tonnes of milled metal tinplate product,. About 60% of this is for prime whilst 40% is non primes. 


This mean about 325,000 tonnes are available for domestic manufacturers whilst the rest is imported from foreign manufactures in places like the USA, Korea, Brazil and multiple sources in Europe.


In general foreign supplier are bound by strict World Trade Organisation quality controls & rules. However it is not really an issue for them as India does not import the majority from them they are unlikely to endeavor to obtain the BIS certificate. 


The prime materials are essential for things like foods and dairy products. 


Non prime are for more specialist products like industrial oil solutions, aluminium laminate foil and chemical packaging. 


This new directive is essential a new set of quality rules and regulations. Specifically relating to workers within the industry. 


There are so safeguards in place like non-tariff blockades to protect India’s own producers however it is not seen as enough, Indian aluminium foil packaging manufacturers do not have enough capacity to meet the demand.


There are certain application which have specific needs too!


Metal packaging which requires shearing & high levels of accuracy for precision products like battery jackets and tinplate sheeting. 


The debate caused by this has been enough to bring the steel ministry to the table. Talking with the MCMA they will probably look for a compromise on the BIS directive. 


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