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BERICAP is showing off its new innovative din closures at FachPack. Suitable for plastic canisters they are perfect for use in conjunction with hazardous materials. 


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Innovative products from BERICAP displayed at FachPack 

The upcoming FachPack exhibition will feature BERICAP as one of it’s main exhibitors. 
BERICAP are one of the worlds leading manufacturers when it comes to plastic packaging closures. The closures have applications in many markets including use in chemical, automotive, food, agricultural and military packaging companies 
BERICAP are continuing to see a significant rise in demand for their products, but innovation in this type of industry requires some serious creative thinking. 
Specifically the sealing breech in their packaging closures, which in addition to sealing the container itself should also protect the contents from product counterfeiting and piracy. 
 At the same time compliance is a key requirement that varies depending on geography and what the the specific rules and regulations of that country are. 
However BERICAP’s new DIN closures tick all the boxes. 
In recent times they have concentrated their efforts on R & D to focus on a new range of DIN closures for plastic containers. 
This has been a tremendous success for BERICAP who closures now suit 80% of the standard closure sizes including DIN 60, DIN 51/55, DIN 45, DIN 42 & DEF STAN 81-147 (formerly DEF STAN 81-75) to name but a few. 
The new range of DIN closures are 100% approved and in line with the UN hazardous materials packaging directive which references various substances and canister types. 
To further improve quality & safety features BERICAP produces all of its closures on assembly machines that utilize 100% automated production as well efficient process controls.
The new DIN closures can even be child proofed and their is a long list of further modifications that can be made. 
In addition the variant bore seal system featured in the SK42 & 21 is purpose built for use in Export container liners and canisters. Also it does not require UN Hazardous goods approval.