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PEFC will be a participant at Packaging Innovations show at Olympia in London, on the 16th and 17th of September, 2015. At the show, PEFC will draw attention to the advantages of packaging materials that are sourced responsibly.

Chain of Custody certification of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) helps packaging companies show that their raw elements are coming from green sources. It empowers the companies to make their products stand apart in the market and feel recognized for their commitment to sustainable sourcing.

Delta Packaging, which independently manufactures printed folding carton packaging, is a company that’s committed to sustainable sourcing. In March, Delta Packaging received a ‘Global Connectivity’ award accorded by a ‘KFC Annual Supplier Awards’ program.

Delta received the award for successfully and swiftly transferring KFC raw material to the PEFC process. This way, it provided assurances that KFC’s packaging materials were sourced from sustainably-managed forests.

Companies Recognised for their Sustainable Sourcing Efforts

Thanks to Delta Packaging’s effort, KFC is now permitted to implement the PEFC logo onto their packing for using certified elements.

Benders Papers Cups is another packaging products manufacturer that has recognised Chain of Custody certification’s advantages. Benders is one of the prominent producers of paper hot cups in the UK. Connect Vending, UK’s one of the top independent vending operators, has currently approached Benders.

Connect took this step to assist its move to 100% paper hot cups for its spectrum of hot drinks vending appliances.

Connect Vending reached out to Benders for a quick fix for a particular paper cup, which they wanted their vending machines to offer their customers. They named it “specially coffee shop experience” where a bespoke, branded paper cup of high quality would blend with the convenience of a vending appliance.

Benders Paper Cups is committed to using certified crude materials that come from trusted sources. It has got Chain of Custody certifications from both the ‘Forest Stewardship Council’ (FSC) and PEFC. The certifications provide complete traceability of the products manufactured from elements coming from forests that are managed sustainably.

Benders BRC Grade-A manufacturing facility situated at North Wales allows every cup to be traced back to the raw material. The company also supports the strategy of Connect Vending.
Along with Benders, Connect Vending has recently developed a print to endorse the ‘green story’ of their cup. It also encourages its consumers to dispose of the cups so that they can be collected and recycled completely.

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