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Our VAL55HD Barrier Foil Rolls are ideal for use as packaging in export and offers outstanding barrier properties. Secure Ordering. Easy use. Fast Delivery.

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Our VAL55HD barrier foil laminate is market leading for its performance when protecting moisture sensitive products. 


The problem of moisture and corrosion damage is well understood by those involved in transport, storage and conservation. Goods travelling through hazardous supply chains or being stored for long periods will often encounter the usual corrosion culprits, Moisture, gas by products, marine air, acids, dust and even human perspiration. Yes really. 


The VAL55HD uses a sophisticated 5 layer construction to form ‘the barrier’. 


12чm PET, 12чm PE, 7чm Alu, 20чm PE, 60чm HDPE


This is a thick foil particular for a commercial grade. Not only does it make it a robust laminate but also one with a impressively low Moisture vapor transmission rate.


Despite maintaining the advantages of heavier gauge foils this construction remains lightweight whilst having a tear and puncture resistance that is superior to most other legacy foils and films. 


It is available from stock in standard 1.5mtr x 10mtr/200mtr rolls or it can be converted to foil bags of various shapes and sizes.


This material conforms to DEF STAN 81-75/2 – TYPE 1 CLASS A as well as NF H 00 310 CLASS IV and MIL PRF 131 J.


Use in conjunction with one of our hawo heat sealer machines for optimal seals. Desiccant Bags and Silica Gel Sachets can also be used to adsorb excess moisture in the bag enclosure once hermetically sealed.


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