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The Barrier foil bags range from Valdamark has speedily adapted to the demands of clients in recent years. Traditionally these niche packaging bags have only been available cut to order at a bespoke price.

Now Valdamark Direct can offer standard Barrier foil Bags in many sizes and specifications to suit projects of any size, large or small. We supply these in small, medium and large sizes. The latter being 45cm x 30cm. These are supplied with tear notches for your convenience.

Suitable for most applications these foil packaging bags offer superior barrier laminate protection for goods sensitive to the harms of corrosion and moisture damage. Even our commercial foil material demonstrates impressive performance characteristics, with goods being used defect free and undamaged following long term storage.

We always recommend that this specialist packaging material is properly closed to guarantee this level of performance. Use in conjunction with one our portable heat sealers for optimal seals.

For medium to long term product storage we recommend the use of silica gel sachets or desiccant bags in order to guarantee preservation thorough moisture control. To calculate the exact quantity simply refer to the product page itself for our silica gel calculation in order to work it out.

It’s not only these products that can be used in conjunction with these bags. Many clients insist on using 3 spot humidity indicator cards in order to have that visual display that can monitor any changes in humidity – in real time!

Depending on what the requirements are it may be just the flexible packaging itself is required. This is common as many clients have expressed frustration in past dealings with competitors. Many ask for unrealistic minimum order quantities where as others

Valdamark operates a strict ‘low minimum order’ policy. Which means not only do we offer clients foil bags in multiples as low as 200 units, but also our own bespoke conversion service will also start consideration at this number.

Whatever your project needs we can cater for most additional features and performance requirements. Contact our sales office today to discuss further.

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