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Baralan is a popular name in the US, which has been offering specialized cosmetic packaging for the last 35 years.

The company continues to innovate and extend its range of products.

Being known as an expert for its bottle design, Baralan continuously creates and designs both stock and custom packaging. Whether it is lip-gloss, tubes, airless or acrylics, Baralan provides its customers with quality plastic items.

In fact, the company has created a niche market with its dependable and quality plastic items.

At the upcoming Cosmoprof North America tradeshow, Baralan will present its new stock packaging lines.

The tradeshow is scheduled to be held from July 12 to July 14 in Las Vegas.

Products Using Baralan ’s Stock Packaging

Among the products, one is a nail polish set. It uses Baralan’s 15 ml Stefabia bottle and has the company’s Navilglio overcap.

The design is such that the overcap covers a large portion of the bottle. Sometimes, the security bubble that is necessary for product expansion might make the product look a little cumbersome.

The new overcap from Baralan hides this perceived imperfection seamlessly.

An added advantage of the bottle is that it comes in black and white colour, which is good for protection against the UV rays. This in turn makes the cap useful for Gel Polish.

Baralan has also added a lot of other products to its range of stock packaging. Its Alster overcap is used not only in nail polishes (15, 10 and 8 ml bottles) but also in a lot of other skin care products.

This includes skin care bottles (100, 50 and 30 ml bottles) with neck 24 along with Baralan’s Alster overcap and cream pumps.

Bottles of fragrances in 100, 50 and 30 ml come with crimp neck 15 along with Baralan’s Alter overcrimp and spray pumps.

Stock packaging of 8 ml bottles of nail polish and fragrance uses a thicker distribution of glass at the base.

These superweight versions make the bottles more valuable.

Baralan also leverages its own warehouse sites to offer safety stock and inventory management programs.

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