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These HAWO HPL Band Sealer machines are market leading continuous heat sealers. Perfect for use in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors they are renowned as a ‘best in class’ machine. Tried and trusted by the worlds biggest brands and logos. 

Compatible with many types of packaging materials and formats these machines work well with both single and multi layered films including aluminium foil packaging. 

CE approved as standard these machines also monitor process parameters being validatable in accordance with the safety standards prescribed under EN ISO 11607-2. 

Rotary heat sealers like this use a motorised band to continuously seal across the seam of the packaging. This mechanism of action ensures consistent and optimal 6mm width seal quality with each weld. Essential when packaging moisture sensitive or regulated products.

Available in two standard band widths of 500 & 3000 mm this machine suits both small flexible pouches and larger bulk packaging. 

In addition to the standalone machine we offer a wide selection of optional extras and support features to enhance the machine further. Bag supports, roller tables, table stands and larger vertical stands allow for easier and more efficient operation. 

We offer a wide variety of ‘non-OEM’ in house customisations, get in touch to discuss your project requirements. 

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