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Over the past few years, remarkable improvement has been made by Axion Consulting in the field of flexible packaging. REFLEX is a leading project in the same domain.

As reported by Axion Consulting, a reputed resource recovery specialist, the main objective of this project is to improve the re cyclability of flexible heat seal foil bags

Currently, the organization is handling a collaborative research and development project that involves high profile international brands.

Axion is not the only concern, associated with the REFLEX project. They are working with many partners including Dow Chemical Company Ltd, Amcor Ltd, Nestlé UK Ltd, Interflex Group, TOMRA Sorting Ltd, Unilever UK Central Resources Ltd and SITA Holdings UK Ltd.

Most likely, it will take around two years to get the project completed. This project has been co-financed by Innovate UK, which is one of the leading innovation agencies of the country.

What does Axion Consulting flexible packaging research involve?

As of now, the research work has explored and assessed probable options that can be used as alternatives to the multi-layer films that were not quite easily recyclable. As reported by Axion Consulting, they are now focusing on the multi-layer packaging structures that make use of incompatible polymers.

They have redesigned these packaging structures with polymers which can be recycled.

At a seminar, Plastics Recycling Expo held in June, Richard McKinlay, the project engineer of Axion Consulting, gave a presentation about designing flexible packaging films that can be sorted for recycling. During this presentation, he highlighted the recent breakthroughs from the project.

Quite interestingly, these have drawn a lot of interest from different corners of the globe, including Europe. Many packaging suppliers, non-governmental organizations and brand owners have showed a lot of interest in the project.

The project is considered to be all the more successful since this also includes the optimization of Near Infra-red (NIR) sorting technologies that will help detect and then separate the mixed polyolefin (PP and PE) packaging.

These include bread bags, crisp packets and sweet wrappers. This has broadened the scope of flexible packaging. As far as polyolefin packaging is concerned, they would be able to do it extensively from landfill.

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