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Axion Consulting co sponsors REFLEX to look at improving flexible packaging recycling rates. Packaging Manufacturers look to benefit.

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Axion Consulting Advise on Flexible Packaging Recycling!

Axion Consulting has led the way in recent years with the introduction of its REFLEX project. 
REFLEX is a reputable resource recovery specialist that is supported by Axion Consulting. The main goal for REFLEX is to improve the recycling systems of medium to large flexible packaging manufacturers
At present Axion is conducting a large scale R & D project with high profile global brands. These included the Dow Chemical Company, Amcor Ltd, Nestlé UK Ltd and Unilever UK Ltd to name but a few. 
REFLEX estimate a 2 year timescale to complete the project. It is being co-sponsored by Innovate UK, a leading United Kingdom innovation agency.  


Axion Consulting & flexible packaging 

The research has to date explored and assessed many viable options that can replace laminated packaging film products that are notoriously difficult to recycle. 


Axion has commented that are now focusing on multi layer moisture barrier packaging constructions that can utilize incompatible polymers. 


In other words they are designing packaging with polymers that can be recycled. 


Following on from a conference held last June at the Packaging Recycling Expo, Richard McKinlay a project engineer at Axion Consulting gave a detailed presentation on the design of flexible packaging films and the recycling process involved with each. 


He also emphasized the recent success Axion have had in this field. It was interesting to note that the research had generated sizable interest from around the global so early on. 


I think the amount of interest may be explained by the level innovation demonstrated by Axion. The project will likely look to impliment Near Infra-red (NIR) technology that can detect and extract mixed polymers like PP & PE from the rest of the packaging. 


This has huge potential and can be applied to a wide variety of markets. Crisp Bags, Sweet Wrapper and even the harmful plastic bottles we use so much of.