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With the Best Packaging in the Industry, ICI’s hybrid pallet box design allows up to two Front Bumpers and three Rear Bumpers to be stacked on top of each ot…

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As far as automotive packaging companies go ICI is really leading the innovation charge with this new solution. 


The Hybrid pallet box solution is a design that allows for extreme space utilization. Typically these kind of pallet boxes only allow 1 Or 2 bumper maximum for shipping. The ICI packaging solution allows for two front bumpers and three rear bumpers to each be stacked on top of each other. 


Each bumper part is fully enclosed with the pallet box and fits snugly thus to save space and to ensure the parts do not move when being handled in the supply chain. 


Consider alternative correlated products that simply box the valuable automotive parts with shrink wrap. This leaves the parts open and exposed to both damage from the elements and poor handling. 


This packaging design is simple but effective. It will definitely  prevent shipping damage in my opinion, as well as improving space saving efficiency.


Speaking of damage this product has a outstanding record. 


Shipping Damage Indicators are also used during transport and storage. However so far they have not recorded a single breakage.  This 0% defect rate is particularly impressive as freight of these weights and dimensions will usually experience at least 5% that are damaged in transit and not in factory condition.  


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