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Valdamark’s impulse bag sealer machines are market leading for their performance. Use this heat sealing machine for sealing both thin and thick laminates.

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This Audion Super Poly heat sealer is a market leading impulse sealer suitable for the sealing of PE and PP materials.


Its a portable device and lightweight device making it easy to maneuver around large or awkwardly sized objects. 


This is a BI active sealer meaning each sealing bar contains a resistance wire allowing the operator to seal thick gauge polyethylene film up to 2 x 0.3mm. 


The temperature is adjustable on the transformer box power supply. Her you can easily adjust it to suit your chosen material. 


Due to this not only will this heat sealer work for thinner gauge films but also thicker aluminium foil laminates and barrier films.


Most packaging materials regardless of thickness require a sealing time of 1 – 3 seconds.  


Audion manufacture these units with a ‘built to last’ philosophy. Unlike cheaper alternatives you will achieve optimal seals every time even when sealing high volumes at speed. 


Valdamark stock the Audion Super Poly in all jaw widths and configurations including the 281mm, 381mm & 631mm. 


We supply this including the transformer box.


As a premier distributor of Audion Heat Sealer machines we also stock a wide variety of consumable spare parts.


The Super Poly is supplied as standard with a 230V UK (3 pin) plug. We can also convert this to the United States 115V and the EU 230V (2 Pin) plugs at no extra charge. Just advise us of this with your order. 


If you are unsure of suitability please send us a material sample for testing. 


The Super Poly is a impulse bag sealer meaning heat is delivered in cycles. If you require constant heat delivery take a look at Audion Super Cello, perfect for heavier gauge films like barrier and laminate foil.