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These heat sealing tongs are ideal for use sealing foil bags or multi layered laminate films. The Audion Super Cello machine is a ‘best in class’ heat sealer.

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This Audion Super Cello Heat Sealer is a premium design that is perfect for sealing foil packaging like barrier foil and other multi layered laminate materials. 


This machine is a constant heat sealer making it ideal for thick laminates that require constant heat delivery for optimal seals. 


The temperature is adjustable between 60 & 250 degrees c to suit the material being used. 


Standard models are available in with either 300mm & 420mm both featuring 10mm widths seals. 


For improved performance choose the SCT PTFE coated models in order to prevent materials sticking to the blade. 


Valdamark stock both these units as standard configured to the UK 230V 3 pin plug. We can also adjust these to suit the United States 110V and European 230V ( 2 pin) at no additional cost. 


For thin gauge materials like PE and polythene take a look at the Audion Super Poly This model is an impulse heat sealer delivering heat on a timer. It comes complete with a transformer box power supply and 


Valdamark stock the majority of Audion Heat Sealer machines along with their consumable spare parts from our warehouse in Altrincham, Cheshire. 


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