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This industrial heat sealer with cutter feature is a premium product suitable for sealing poly bags and other thin films. Secure ordering. Fast delivery.

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This Audion Seal Kid industrial heat sealer is perfect when used for mid to high volume sealing of flexible packaging. 


Unlike other table top heat sealer machines this unit maintains optimal seal quality even when sealing at speed. 


It cycles at 3 – 4 seals for minute so its suitable for projects where speed are efficiency are essential. 


It also comes with a built in cutter knife and can 


This machine can seal a variety of packaging materials including thin PE films and thin laminate films. Generally speaking materials between 20 & 150 micron can be sealed but we always recommend test seals are done first if you are unsure. 


The sealing wire uses a PTFE tape which is effective at ensuring materials do not stick to the blade.


Its easy to operate too.


To seal film bags –


  • Place your material on the seal jaw making sure the PTFE wire is covered by it. 
  • Compress the top bar onto it and hold.
  • The red light will switch on. Keep compressed for a 1 – 3 seconds. The seal will set here and then cool. 
  • Once cooled decompress the top bar.
  • Take the packaging off the seal bar. 
  • The cycle is now complete for you to move on to your next seal. 
  • The sealing time is adjustable. A standard seal for a thin PE material is ‘2’ but this can be adjusted to 10 for thicker films. 


Here at Valdamark we stock all the Audion Seal Kid units including the 235mm, 320mm, 420mm & 620mm.


In addition we also supply the machine with the optional roll holder and work table to improve efficiency further. 


Ask about Audion Heat Sealer spare parts.