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The Audion Futura Heat Sealer Machine is perfect for projects that require a reliable sealer for mid volume bag sealing. Secure Ordering. Fast Delivery.

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This Audion Futura Heat Sealer Machine is the perfect choice for those looking to seal cellophane and thin foil laminates on a budget. 


It features two parallel serrated jaws that produce optimal seals consistently for export packaging materials like foil laminates and cellophane films. 


Other materials like paper and waxed laminates may also be suitable upon testing. 



The grooved jaws on this machine give the seals a serrated appearance. Due to this pattern this model is often called a crimp sealer or crisp bag sealer. 


A serrated seal is not just used for the sake of looking good but because it improves seal and tensile strength on the packaging.



For a flat seal suitable for similar materials take a look at the 150 B foil bag sealer machine.


All the Futura Heat Sealers maintain a build quality that is second to none. The Western European manufacture by a quality centric company means that they are reliable and durable for low to mid volume heat sealing. 


These machines strike a brilliant balance between practicality, performance & price. 


For even more improved performance they can also be bought with either table clamp and foot pedal accessories.  


Those looking to do high volume sealing should take a look at our premium impulse heat sealer machines.


For more information on our range of packaging materials get in touch to discuss your requirements.