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This 150 P Audion Futura Heat Sealer is perfect for those that require a reliable heat sealer for mid volume poly bag sealing. It features adjustable temperature as well as easy to open & close jaws. Secure Ordering. Fast Delivery.

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This Audion Futura Heat Sealer machine is a great solution for those who require a portable unit for low to mid volume packaging sealing. 


 This Audion Futura range is designed to seal a wide variety of heavy gauge packaging films including foil laminates, waxed paper materials, thin film laminates etc. 


Its considered a ‘best in class’ unit for its excellent performance and versatility. 


This unit is designed to seal PE packaging film up to about 250 µ micron


It is easy to maneuver around large or awkwardly sized items, weighing only 1.5KG. 


This machine is already portable it can be further improved with a range of accessories including table clamps and foot pedals.


This sealer features a 150mm sealing jaw making it ideal for smaller dimension packaging. However for a larger poly bag sealer take a look at the Audion Super Poly impulse heat sealers which feature 281mm, 381mm & 631mm jaw widths.  



For more information on heat sealer machines take a look at our guide or get in touch to discuss your requirements further.