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Valdamark supplies the Audion D555 NVT Vertical Band Sealer for use where product packaging needs to be sealed standing up. This ‘best in class’ continuous heat sealer is built to last and is excellent for the sealing packaging that would otherwise spill if seales lying flat. Secure Ordering. Fast Delivery.

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The Audion D555 NVT Vertical Band Sealer is a premium product that makes sealing for volume projects efficient and reliable.


These units are built to last in order to produce optimal heat seals every time. Most other continuous band sealers will sacrifice seal quality when used for mid to high volume sealing. This unit however keeps performing into the long term. 


Available from stock as a standalone unit it can be modified to include other factory fittings. Here at Valdamark we offer a range of dealer services including calibration, maintenance and repair, either on site or by return. As well as this we offer the majority of heat sealer spare parts available from stock to ensure minimal delays in the event of stoppages. 


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