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A supermarket in Chiangmai, Thailand has chosen to replace its plastic packaging with 100% natural banana leaves! What an alternative!

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When looking for an alternative to plastic packaging a supermarket in Chiangmai, Thailand chose banana leaves as its replacement!


The banana leaves  have proven to be a viable solution for bundling a variety of vegetables. The new packaging has created a bit of a social media craze with many shoppers turning to their accounts to post pictures of the new eco friendly packaging. 


Many other supermarkets have decided to either experiment or adopt the idea since, including other major chains in Vietnam like Lotte Mart and Saigin Co Op. 


Lotte Mart has commented that they are still in the testing phase but hope to replace plastic packaging outright with the banana leaves in the near future and across all their stores. 


Interestingly they are looking at the viability of using the banana leaves not just on vegetables but other fresh products like meat.


As you can imaging the move has led to praise from many customers. One commented that the innovative packaging is encouraging them to buy larger quantities of fresh produce as well as making them more aware of the environmental impact of MET PET packaging.


VN Express, another major chain in Vietnam has also commented that the move is a welcome addition to the numerous trials they are conducting to reduce plastic packaging waste locally. VN have recently introduced biodegradable bags to replace foil bags for their corn powder products. 


Unfortunately Vietnam has the unenviable record of being fourth in the world for dumping the most amount of plastic packaging waste into the ocean. About 2,500 tons go into the sea daily. 


There is some hope though in that it seems to be a growing trend in Asia that single use packaging is being banned or phased out. South Korea has recently banned single use plastic bags in line with many western countries. They also require stores to provide recycling containers to customers. 


Singapore has launched a public awareness campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags whilst in Taiwan shops now charge for single use plastic bags. 


China has witnessed a 66% fall in the use of plastic bags since 2008 when they banned ‘ultra thin’ formats.