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The Aristocrat Group Corp. (ASCC) spots and promotes exclusive brands having a mass market appeal across assorted demographics. Brand management handled by ASCC include that of the finest luxury goods, such as popular distilled spirits (RWB Vodka).

Recently, the company has announced the launch of its Big Box Vodka – an innovative vodka packaging. It said that the production of its pioneering packaging for the bag-in-box spirit has already been initiated.

The sharp, innovative design of Big Box Vodka aims to make the new product be noticeable on the shelf. Once production on the first run of this innovative vodka packaging is finished, it will be shipped to the Idaho-based partner distillery of ASCC.

From there, the spirit will be shipped out to the retailers after being bagged and boxed.

Some Features of this Vodka Packaging

Robert Federowicz – the CEO of ASCC, said that no other spirit having a bag-in-box design comes with a waxed-cardboard box that can act as its own ice chest (disposable).

He said that they are very excited to give their customers the chance of trying out this revolutionary product for themselves.

He added further that conceiving and developing this new product had a unique packaging concept at its core. So, ASCC has taken a lot of care to ensure top-notch quality of packaging production, matching the care they invest into the distillation process.

This innovative vodka packaging has microflute cardboard, which offers advanced durability and excellent insulation. Each Big Box Vodka comes equipped with a spouted, internal beverage bladder, which the consumer can remove for quicker cooling times.

Within the package is ultra-premium vodka, which is made in the U.S. using pure Rocky Mountain water and Idaho Winter Wheat in a four-column distillation procedure. 1.75 litres of spirit is packed in each of the boxes.

This is more than double the quantity that traditional 750 ml bottles have.

However, with an innovative vodka packaging, Big Box Vodka doesn’t take up more space despite packing a lot more than its traditional bottle counterparts.

Big Box Vodka has plans for a simultaneous debut this summer at retail outlets in Nevada, California, Florida, Texas and Louisiana, which represents a huge population of over 90 million people, which is almost 30% of the total U.S. populace.

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