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The brand enhancement giant API is continuing to deliver innovative solutions for the labels and packaging industry.

The company is set to launch its innovative cold foil range at Labelexpo Europe that would be held in Brussels on September. API stand 4A55 will be the launch venue for the TA cold foil at Labelexpo.

Several machines and label lines at the show will also with demonstrate this foil.

The TA foil that API has designed lately is the most comprehensive cold foil that takes care of the finest of details.

It goes down to a 3 point font detail and has the ability to cover large solid areas, giving a high quality glossy effect to the texts and graphics.

As the foil is over-printable, printers and packaging designers will enjoy the freedom to create an unlimited range of metallic effects and colours including half tones and multi-colours.

The cold foil will be advantageous for several brands because it offers the finest solution to apply metallic finishes on packaging and labels. This is also a comparatively cost-effective and faster solution than the old method of hot foiling.

How the Packaging Industry Will Benefit from API’s TA Foil

API’s TA foil is the result of three long years’ of research and development. It is available in typical nine shades and has an unmatched level of versatility.

The foil has been specifically innovated to meet the demands of numerous designers and printers across the packaging industry.

Richard Fowler, the technical support specialist of API, says that their new foil adds depth and quality to packaging. He also said that their product is the ultimate solution for the foil and packaging industry.

The company’s M.D – Will Oldham, said that their entire unit is excited about this new product, especially because it will enhance packaging of brands and let them create bigger impacts.

He said Labelexpo Europe was chosen as the launch venue of TA cold foil since it is considered to be the best platform for designers, printers and brand owners to experience the change and innovations about to happen in the packaging industry.

Oldham hopes that the company’s extensive range of foil solutions, including the TA cold foil, will deliver unmatched brand enhancement for businesses.

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