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Valdamark Anti Static Bags & Packaging give optimal protection for sensitive electronics being transported or stored. Robust and durable esd bags.

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For market leading ESD protection check out our range of Topshield® anti static bags for protecting sensitive electronics. 


The market leading Topshield® technology provides optimal electrostatic discharge protection into the long term. Ideal if your electrical items are to be transported or stored for long periods of time. 


As well as these ESD bags providing ‘best in class’ anti static protection, they are also highly robust & durable. Meaning they can keep working under the harsh conditions that goods often encounter moving through the supply chain. 


The advanced anti static construction is renowned for its superior performance that can keep working into the long term. 


A ‘quality centric’ manufacturing process is used here from a company that maintains the strictest ISO quality standards. 


The Topshield anti static bags can either be supplied as heat seal mylar bags or with a zip lock feature for easy opening and closing. 


In addition a zip lock function allows the packer to load the contents easily. This makes it ideal for places where a heat sealer may not be allowed. 


How does Anti Static Packaging work ?

Anti Static bags work by utilizing the Faraday cage method ( or Faraday shield principle. This is created when appropriate conductive material like polyethylene and aluminium form a conductive surface resistance. 


This then works to effectively block out any external static build up. 


The effectiveness of the anti static bags depends greatly on the quality of the materials being used. Appropriate geometry on the material itself is an important factor. 


Optimal surface characteristics are usually created by metalized polyester film and polyethylene. This is usually best to enable the anti static frequencies to function correctly. 


Often this type of anti static packaging will be used in conjunction with a foil bag heat sealer machine that is able to create hermetic seals.


Anti static bags and packaging is very suitable for use in clean rooms as well as packing lines.