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Corrosion X HD | Rust Inhibitor Spray | 355ml Aerosol Cans (12 Per Case)

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Corrosion X





Corrosion X HD ® (heavy duty) is a market leading high-performance rust inhibitor spray. It can be considered a ‘thick-film’ version of regular Corrosion X formula. Corrosion X HD was designed specifically to give maximum protection against moisture ingress and the rust and corrosion damage that results from it.

HD does not drip and resists displacement or removal from splash, rain & marine water and even pressure washers.

HD is ideal as a long-term corrosion treatment that offers advanced protection against if the surface being protected is expected to encounter serious corrosion & rust assault.

Unlike other anti corrosion wax coating spray products Corrosion X HD will not dry, harden or crack. The thick film coating contains a ‘self-healing’ mechanism of action. This slowly penetrates existing rust build and corrosion by displacing moisture and other corrosion culprits.

This product is designed for the tough projects that require a high-performance rust inhibitor spray.

HD is a unique product from a performance point of view, it is possible to pre-treat fittings for easy dismantling even years later, recommended for marine and boat corrosion protection.

Applications for Corrosion X HD Rust Inhibitor Spray

HD can be used for a variety of demanding projects & applications including –

  • Automotive corrosion protection
  • Inhibiting metal corrosion in boats (effective when use to prevent rust on boat trailer springs too)
  • Export & Industrial. Long term transport, storage & preservation.
  • Inhibiting aircraft corrosion

Benefits of using HD 

  • No drying, hardening or cracking
  • High performance, advanced formula
  • Effective when used to stop corrosion on aluminium boats
  • Can be used in conjunction with other flexible packaging products.

Case Study 1 

A swing bridge in Sergeant, Texas that required two huge 600′ cables to pull up and down had developed a rust problem. Approximately 200′ of the cables were submerged in saltwater. This resulted in rust damage and rapid deterioration that meant the cable needed to be replaced on average every 57 days. This was not sustainable.

The Corrosion X solution tested a cable that had been submerged already for 2 weeks with rust damage highly visible. The entire piece was pre treated with regular Corrosion X anti corrosion spray prior to Corrosion X Heavy Duty being applied.

The treated cable lasted an impressive 132 days exposed to the elements. It showed no signs of rust and was replaced due to normal wear and tear. No rust.

Case Study 2

Metal corrosion in boats is a common problem due to the mix of marine air and saltwater that equipment is exposed to. It can result in very costly repairs if not maintained properly.

A company in California specialising in filtering and purifying diesel for marine use was looking to stop corrosion on their aluminium boats and their trailers. Boat trailer rust prevention is a common application for Corrosion X HD.

In this case the company had both boats and trailer in and out of the water each day resulting in severe rust & corrosion. A demanding performance requirement for any rust prevention products.

The company had also experienced problems with damage to it’s electrical terminal and connections. A common hazard in saltwater environments.

Following an application of Corrosion X Heavy Duty the client reported that the barrier coating was still visible and doing its job preventing further rust in areas 2 months later.

Feedback also indicated that the lubricating properties of HD are a welcomed feature as boat trailer springs no longer make any friction noises due to the load.

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Volume & Case Quantities

Corrosion X® HD Aerosol Spray / 335ml / 1 Case / 12 Cans, Corrosion X® HD Aerosol Spray / 335ml / 5 Cases / 60 Cans, Corrosion X® HD Aerosol Spray / 335ml / 10 Cases / 120 Cans