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Corrosion X

Corrosion X

Corrosion X is a brand of Corrosion Technologies. A company that develops and commercialised the most effective rust control products for both industrial and retail consumers users alike.

Corrosion X started life as Corrosion Block Inc in Dallas, Texas, 1988. The mission then was to solely focus on the importation and distribution of rust protection sprays for the aviation and aerospace industries.

The switch to Corrosion Technologies in 1992 brought with it significant change for the company including a much broader & comprehensive range of corrosion control products as well as expanded manufacturing operations.

This complete line of anti corrosion products for the aviation, marine, automotive, electronics, industrial and agricultural sectors brought with it the brand names we now know are a byword for quality and performance.

Each product utilises the core Corrosion X technology of polar bonding & fluid thin film coating (FTFC). Still each product remains a unique formula designed for a specific application.

Corrosion X products are used heavily in the United States Military corrosion prevention program. It was in 2002 when Corrosion Technologies developed a new space age polymer coating for a new jet turbine engine. The challenge? Stop corrosion from occurring to prevent spread the aluminium surfaces on the outers skins of military aircraft. The product developed was called Rejex ®.

Rejex proved to be unbeatable for it’s ability to reject contaminants from surfaces. The thin film coating and polar bonding technologies form a highly effective barrier agaisnt many environmental corrosion culprits. Insects, acid rain, hard water, UV damage & soiling are all rejected by Rejex ®.

Fast forward to today and Rejex is found on the US Navy’s most sophisticated ships as well as many other surface ships, jets & aircraft as well the most elite racing cars.