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The new Smart Packaging Centre is a one-stop destination for all your packaging needs. You can find the latest technology in automation and design, as well as tons of helpful resources that will make it easier than ever before to get started with plastics or paper. 

The demand for SPC’s services has grown since the company’s launch. Antalis Packaging’s head of innovation and design, John Garner said that much of this growth can be attributed to customers who are seeking solutions with their packaging sustainability concerns in mind.

He also mentioned how they have seen an increase from other companies looking into what types of packaging materials might work best when it comes down creating new products as well!

The latest developments in packaging automation, including carton and bag on-demand and hand held heat sealers are showcased by PBA. The demonstration suite allows customers to see a full range of systems that wrap products safely for transportation as well as those which cushion them from damage during storage or shipping – all without sacrificing quality! From air cushions made with Ranpak’s newest technology [Pregis],to Sealed Air’s paper based hugs designed specifically around client needs.

“The future of automation is here,” said Garner. The SPC’s focus lies in helping customers understand how they can protect themselves from innovations that may change the way businesses operate in the future.

Providing opportunities for viewing these innovative devices enables consumers to get more familiar with their features before deciding if investing into one themselves

After seeing these new automatic packaging machinery operate up close you’ll have no doubts as to whether they are a worthwhile investment or not.

The design studio’s new dedicated space offers innovative packaging as well artwork. Once a solution has been developed on screen, samples can be created – and printed in the demonstration suite!

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