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TrophyAmpac, the world leader in creative packaging, has given a completely new dimension to the world of packaging.

It has introduced some of the best consumer-friendly as well as highly safe concepts of packaging for numerous products.

Thanks to its innovation in technology and enhancement in customer usefulness, Ampac has managed to win two Alufoil and three AmeriStar awards this year.

The Alufoil Trophy is sponsored by the European Aluminum Foil Association. Companies making products from alu foil packaging or the ones that contain aluminium foil as part of a structure, laminate, or packaging system can participate in this global award competition.

This year, just 12 entries within six different categories were selected to receive the Alufoil Trophy.

Ampac got its first Alufoil Trophy for its marinade pouch in the Consumer Convenience category.

Unlike a lot of other marinade packaging, its JANS Bio Marinade is more convenient for the customers because the meat can be marinated right in the pouch, thus doing away with the need of a bowl or plate.

Ampac’s creative packaging in drink pouches won it the second Alufoil Trophy in the Marketing and Design category.

The company’s pouch displayed an alternative design to the conventional straw beverage pouch. This “punch through” beverage package is not only unique in shape, but is also a wonderful combination of technology along with customer convenience.

Ampac’s Other Creative Packaging Awards

AmeriStar Awards, conducted by the Packaging Professionals, witnessed Ampac’s good run, where the company won in three categories.

E-Z SnackPak designed by Ampac is a creative packaging format for the single-serve snack food market. It won in the Shelf Stable food category.

The interesting aspect of this package is that once you open the tetrahedron shaped pouch, it transforms into a serving tray.

In fact, E-Z SnackPak is an ideal example of dual functionality, where one aspect is its innovative packaging while the other is its transformation into a serving tray.

The award in the Pickles in the Refrigerated Food category was picked up by Oh Snap!

Shaped like an hourglass, it is designed to provide an easy grip to the customers. At the same time, the customers are also able to relish the product inside as they can look through the transparent body.

Ampac’s creative packaging in the Microdermis Corporation’s Provodine package helped it win its third AmeriStar Award in the Drug and Pharmaceutical category.

Ampac designed a seven-layer hard-to-hold, highly chemical resistant, high barrier laminate with integrated directional tear properties to meet Microdermis’ vision for a flexible and portable single dose packaging format for Provodine.

Ampac’s design facilitates easy opening of the package and dispensing of the product.

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