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An interesting new multichambered pouch design from Amcor addresses the challenges presented by drug device combination products. 

Currently available in Europe the dual chamber pouch has already received the prestigious flexible packaging association award for technical innovation in 2021. 

Innovative Pouch Packaging Solution

It is well known in the medical and healthcare sectors that combination medical devices demand high performance, sophisticated packaging materials in order to ensure optimal sterility and shelf life on products. The primary layer of protection needs to provide an effective barrier that protects against the usual culprits such as moisture, light and oxygen. Secondly the packaging much also be compatible for sterilisation in order for the device to be sterile at the point of use. 

For those with knowledge of flexible packaging products like this the obstacles to product development are apparent in that breathability and sterilisation do not usually sit well with each other in the same format. This was the challenge for the packaging design team at Amcor.

This problem however can often be overcome. Stents for example can be packaged in two separate pouches and compartments. The first makes way for the ETO (ethylene oxide) sterile packaging process whilst the secondary foil pouch preserves the stability of the drug product when combined with Desiccant

This innovation from Amcor focusses around a single use, multi compartment pouch that utilises a breathable Tyvek membrane to sperate the two chambers. It can be considered a simpler and safer design than previous solutions. This Amcor Dual Chamber Pouch uses a enhanced strength foil laminate material. One side is peelable allowing for easy opening and access to the device inside, whilst the other (non-peelable) chamber contains the desiccant sachet or other oxygen absorber where appropriate. 

An additional feature includes a breathable vent which permits gas exchange allowing the desiccant to control the climatic conditions within the pouch. Dupont Tyvek is used as a porous header within the pouch providing a remarkable easy method of ETO sterilisation. Following this the pouch can be sealed and the header removed. The barrier pouch is then ready for shipment. 

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