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Aldi takes the bold decision to remove flexible plastic packaging from 5 of its vegetable ranges, It is hoped this move from Aldi in Scotland will be rolled out across the UK. 

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Aldi looks to cut waste by removing flexible packaging from several of their Vegetable lines in Glasgow stores. 


The trial is now ongoing focusing on 5 of their vegetable lines including Savoy cabbage, red cabbage and cauliflower. 


This move means that customers in the Glasgow area can ow purchase these vegetable products plastic free. The trial is only for six weeks but it is forecast that it may save up to half a ton of plastic. 


The initiative could potentially be rolled out across the United Kingdom which could save over 110 tones of plastic packaging a year just in Aldi fresh produce. 


Aldi has led the way in removing the almost non recyclable black plastic trays of four of its fresh produce ranges. This has been replaced with recyclable alternatives like foil packaging metallized films for food. 


A representative from Aldi’s corporate responsibility division has commented that despite the company working incredibly hard to reduce plastic they want be certain that this reduction does not lead to excess food waste. 


It is hoped the initiative will be positive for both the Aldi brand and customers alike. If successful Aldi has commented that they intend to roll it out across the UK. 


This latest move is the latest addition to Aldi’s impressive track record when it comes to corporate responsibility. Since early 2018 they have replaced or phased out in excess of 2,500 tons of plastic with recyclable alternatives. 


The supermarkets goal is to reach 100% recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging across it’s house brands by 2022.


This initiative in 2019 also coincides with the opening of the first Aldi in Scotland. Furthermore it is 10 years since the brand decided on the creation of a dedicated Scottish buying department.