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Aldi is a discount supermarket, which provides customers with smart shopping options and extremely high quality items at the lowest prices possible. Recently, the company was in the news for a packaging faux pas. It began with a graphic designer’s worst nightmare becoming reality.

In an apparently innocent design for Aldi’s range of gourmet cheese crackers, things turned haywire when people pointed out an extremely embarrassing mistake. Aldi’s packaging had the C-word capitalised, which made people question it. Some even thought the company’s flawed cracker packaging was making people think rude words.

What Really Went Wrong with Aldi Packaging

Thanks to some incompetent graphic designers, the packaging of discount supermarket Aldi’s luxury brand of crackers had four letters of the word ‘country’ in capitals. While some people were just amused by the unfortunate mistake, many took to the social media to seek an explanation and bring the mistake to the company’s notice.

Tom Coulton was the first to draw Aldi’s attention to this unfortunate matter by posting on the company’s Facebook page. In his post, Coulton said he was simply curious about the company’s choice of letter capitalisation on its packaging of rosemary gourmet crackers.

According to some other sources, the company was forced to alter the capital fonts on its gourmet cracker collection packaging after a customer drew attention to the fact that the enlarged letters actually spelt an expletive.

Several people pointed out the flaw on Twitter as well. The company responded to one post thanking the person for the feedback and saying it will be passed on. Once the packaging spelling out the C-word was highlighted on Aldi’s Facebook page, the company was quick to amend the flaw. Its ‘specially selected range’ of crackers now has different letters in the slogan capitalised, to steer clear of the earlier mishap.

An Aldi spokesperson said that the company’s crackers have been made available in a completely new packaging since the 6th of August. It was also emphasised that only a handful of the flawed packaging was available on the shelves. It means that some offending packages are still out there, displayed on the shelves, which are likely to shock innocent eyes.

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