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Advanced Corrosion Treatments – Effective Tips To Fight Corrosion

While the industry has made great strides in keeping your metal items corrosion free there is still the issue of long term corrosion prevention with products that truly extend product shelf life and keep them defect free.

If you are determined to increase the life of your products, you can take the help of Corrosion X™ products as a preventative measure as well as for maintenance advanced corrosion treatments even if there are no visible signs of corrosion to begin with.

Best Methods to Combat Corrosion:

Anticorrosion treatments come in different types and methods. You can utilize corrosion inhibitors and coatings as well as cathodic protection systems to make your items rust proof. All these techniques ensure that your items remain corrosion free for as long as possible.

Anticorrosion coatings are perhaps the most popular method used in different countries to prevent corrosion. There are different types of metallic or organic coatings that prevent any metallic object from corroding.

If you have steel structures that are regularly exposed to high level of humidity and saline water, this can be an extremely effective treatment.

Coatings are normally comprised of various layers such as:

• Middle anticorrosion primer.
• Pre-treated layer.
• Polymer topcoat.

The general consensus is that coatings containing epoxy aluminum are the best. Similarly, bituminous coatings and oxide also work very well under certain conditions.

Galvanizing is another method to fight corrosion. It is one of the most effective advanced corrosion treatments. This is particularly beneficial for industries in which steel and iron are used on large scale such as paper and pulp, automotive, transport and utilities.

Advanced Corrosion Treatments – Preventing metals from rusting

Anything that is made up of iron or steel has the tendency to corrode. One of the easiest methods to prevent corrosion is to whip and clean your items regularly. Similarly, keep your items clear of debris and dust as both of them collect moisture.

Bluing is another anticorrosion treatment that can keep small objects free of corrosion for a limited period of time.

Corrosion Prevention Products:

Investing in high quality advanced corrosion products such as VCI Poly bags & VCI Paper can greatly help you to keep your metallic objects in good working order.

You can apply some products as liquids and gels while others come in aerosol cans. Another common product to consider is the application whips and spreaders which can apply the solution with ease.

For more details on our range of Advanced Corrosion treatments Check out our partners website for detailed information on corrosion and rust proofing.