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The present production fleet of Action Packaging consists of flexographic printing solutions and a Xeikon 3500 digital press. Recently, the company has chosen the Xeikon CX3 to complement its existing production platform.

Based on Cheetah technology, this newest digital label press from Xeikon will help Action Packaging meet its goal of providing top quality products within remarkably quick turnaround times to its customers. With an exceptional speed of the press (30m/min or 98 ft/min) along with Xeikon’s reputation for quality and consistency, Xeikon Cheetah emerged as Action Packaging’s technology of choice.

Douglas E. Rice, President and CEO of Action Packaging, shared some reasons that made the company choose Xeikon Cheetah technology. He said customers know the company will do anything to ensure deliveries of labels in a timely manner without any compromise on quality.

The main reason behind choosing this next-generation digital label production, he said, was speed, top-quality output and print-to-cut capability. Reliability of Xeikon presses and outstanding customer support by the team of Xeikon also encouraged this choice.

Action Packaging Future-proofs its Business

Since its establishment in 1979, Action Packaging has focussed on changing the model of the label production industry by delivering quality labels in quick time. In critical situations, clients always depend on the team knowing that it will do anything to meet their needs.

Thus, the company has created an extremely challenging business model that has its own rewards.

In 2014, the revenue growth of the company was into double digits. Rice expects an even higher growth rate in 2015. He is upbeat about the company’s future as its customer base is steadily expanding.

To make sure that the company is equipped to meet the increasingly challenging deadlines and client demands, reliable and fast production machines are required, which are capable of following the quick pace of the company’s business. This is where Xeikon CX3 comes into the picture.

According to Rice, Xeikon CX3 is the fastest press in its category that can deliver the quality that Action Packaging needs. Rice added further that the fast turnaround their company requires can only be supported by Xeikon’s top-of-the-line digital label production technology.

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