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An enigma and a feeling of “class” run down your body the moment you enter an Apple store. Right from its packaging till its products, everything exudes supreme aesthetics and functionality.

In continuation of its image-control efforts, Apple has decided to do away with all those accessories that come in non-conforming packages. Only those accessories that are co-designed will Apple will be fit to find a place in its stores.

Though a lot of manufacturers have started copying the iPhone and iPad packaging of Apple of their own accord, doing so will soon become a compulsory thing.

The companies participating in Apple’s revamped accessory packaging are Tech21, Sena, Incase, Mophie, Logitech and Life Proof.

These products will find a place in the Apple stores only when they come in signature Apple packaging – white boxes without any frills and minimum labelling.

In the coming months, all accessory packaging in Apple stores should comply with Apple’s guidelines in terms of fonts, colours, raw materials and the overall style.

Apple Plans to Revamp Its Accessory Packaging

Such a move from Apple is hardly a surprise as the company is known to aim for nothing less than perfection. According to reports, Apple will have completed revamping all its retail stores within a short period of time.

As a result, the number of accessories sold from an Apple store might decline drastically. However, with time, Apple plans to work with manufactures to support the new design of accessory packaging.

With the new move taken by Apple, it can be a little difficult for the customers.

With similar kind of packaging, customers might find it difficult to differentiate between the third-party accessories and the official accessories from Apple.

For Apple, it can be a business gain though because the chances of design leaks will be reduced as accessory manufacturers are mostly responsible for such leaks.

The move towards uniform accessory packaging will make manufacturers work more closely with Apple. Whether such a thing will be good or bad depends on the extent these third-party manufacturers are left to work on things with or without much interference.

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