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Under Loop scheme, durable containers will be delivered instead of single-use packaging…

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Yet more companies taking major steps to tackle the plastic packaging waste problem. 


A group of the worlds largest consumer goods organisations have started to trial an initiative to use refillable and returnable containers for some of their premier brands. 


The goal is to replace plastic packaging in an effort to drastically cut waste. 


The initiative is know as the loop scheme. Here customers can choose goods like shampoo, washing detergent and toothpaste etc online. When delivery is made they are presented in durable refillable containers that can be collected by the courier and returned for cleaning and refill. 


Big multi national names are involved in this scheme including Pepsi, Coca Cola and Procter & Gamble. 


It is seen as a hassle free and convenient way to consume their products. 


The actual Loop process whereby goods are delivered, collected & returned is run by the recycling company Terra Cycle.  


The advantage here is that it really suits the customers lifestyle as they do not need to visit the store and remember to bring with them the used packaging container. 


Much plastic packaging cannot be recycled or at least is not profitable to recycle. 


By addressing the ‘single use’ aspect the group hopes to make a large dent into current plastic packaging uses. 


The first trial cities will be New York and Paris later this year. 


Following this a 12 month trial will hopefully see the scheme gather momentum and adopted in other major cities.