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A group of 28 global companies have pledged $1.5 billion to reduce plastic waste in the next 5 years. Which companies are taking steps to end plastic waste?

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Continuing our theme on plastic waste around the world here is a interesting scoop from the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW).


Last week the group which consists of 28 organisations that manufacture plastics and consumer goods, announced it would pledge to spend $1.5 billion spanning over the next 5 years on plastic waste reduction. 


It doesn’t sound like the usually token gesture are some very big multinationals have signed up to this including DuPont, Procter & Gamble and Royal Dutch Shell. 


The initiatives investment will go towards financing Asia and Africa’s waste disposal infrastructure. More specifically how authorities actually collect waste from the general public. 


Interestingly it also looks to design waste management systems in cities that are close to rivers and transportation modes. 


Indeed the AEPW estimates up to 90% of worldwide ocean pollution comes from only 10 rivers. A very scary statistic that people have to be carefully convinced of. 


Also allowed for in the fund is spending on education for governments and the public alike. Clean Up’s in very polluted areas and finance for new business start up’s looking to develop technologies for the disposal of plastic waste.  


Up to 8 million tonnes of plastic waste are now ending up in our oceans each year. Mainly due to the disposable, one use plastic products we have all become too used to. 


Other culprits include foil packaging for shipping as well as paper and board products.